Tim Parker

Friday, December 29, 2006

Limited atonment foreshadowed in passover account?

I have recently be writing some bible studies on Exodus. As one would expect, this Old Testament account of God's people experiencing the gracious salvation of God contains much which points to the greater salvation brought about in Christ.

Preparing the studies has once again made me marvel in wonder at the God who saves.

On thing I have never really pondered before is the passover instructions in Ex 12:4.

The Passover regulations in verse 4 specify that the Lamb was to be just surfactant for the people who were to be eating it. If this was misjudged, leftovers were to be destroyed (v10). Later on we are also reminded that the Passover meal is only for God’s people (v43).
On the face of it, this preoccupation with leftovers seems a little odd. However I wonder if this emphasis on the sufficiency of the Passover lamb for God’s chosen people and God’s chosen people alone points to a doctrine of limited atonement?


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