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Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Fulfilment of Prophecy in Christ

Many would try and 'prove' the authority scripture by pointing out that what the bible promises, happens. This is not an unuseful line of discussion with non-christains, though I prefer to use it as a source of comfort and encouragement to Christians.

What ever the case, I very much like the beauty of J J Gurney remarks below:

When a lock and key are well-fitted, a fair presumption arises, even though they be of a simple character, that they were made for each other. If they are complex in their form, that presumption is considerably strengthened. But if the lock is composed of such strange and curious parts as to baffle the skill of the cleverest mechanic, if it is absolutely novel and peculiar, differing from everything which was before seen in the world — if no key in the universe will enter it except one, and by that one it is so easily and exactly fitted that a child may open it, then, indeed, are we absolutely certain that the lock and the key were made by the same master-hand, and they belong to each other. No less curiously diversified, no less hidden from the wisdom of man, no less novel and peculiar, are the prophecies contained in the Old Testament respecting Jesus Christ. No less easy, no less exact, is the manner in which they are fitted by the Gospel history. Who, then, can doubt that God was the author of these predictions, of the events by which they were fulfilled, and of the religion with which they are both inseparably connected?

J J Gurney


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